Dave Odorico Joins Juan De Fuca Highlanders Women's Summer Team as Head Coach

We're pleased to introduce our new Head Coach, Dave Odorico, who will be leading the Highlanders FC Women's Summer Team in partnership with Juan de Fuca soccer association. With his experience and dedication, we're looking forward to the season ahead.

Odorico comes to us with notable achievements, including securing a silver medal at the 2023 League 1 Canada Women's Interprovincial Championships. His understanding of soccer, particularly within Quebec's soccer community, makes him a valuable addition to our team.

"We're happy to have Dave Odorico join us as our new Head Coach," says Brett Large, Co-owner of the Victoria Highlanders. "His commitment to player development aligns well with our goals."

With UEFA A and Canada Soccer A licenses, Odorico brings professionalism and expertise to his new role. His coaching philosophy emphasizes growth, enjoyment, and peak performance, which fits with our club's values.

Wish Dave and the rest of the Highlanders women's team the best of luck as we work together towards our goals.