Highlanders FC Announces Partnership to support Women's soccer this Summer.

VICTORIA, BC - Highlanders FC has announced a new partnership with the Juan de Fuca Soccer Association, EPIC Sport Management Society, and World Cups Soccer Festival to support local women in soccer. This collaboration aims to enhance opportunities for women to participate and excel in the sport by creating a more inclusive and supportive environment.

Brett Large, co-owner of Highlanders FC, commented on the initiative, saying, "This partnership aligns with our goal to support talent and promote inclusion in soccer. We are committed to giving everyone, irrespective of gender, the opportunity to engage with and grow through the sport. We look forward to working together with our partners to support female athletes in their soccer endeavors."

The partnership reflects Highlanders FC's ongoing efforts to engage with the community and support youth development. The focus is on enabling women to engage in high-performance soccer programs, which could help foster a generation of skilled female athletes and deepen their passion for soccer.

More details, including the Head Coach of the program, will be announced later today. With community and partner support, Highlanders FC hopes to positively contribute to women's soccer and assist female players in achieving their potential both on and off the field.