Residency Team Advances in Sir John Jackson Cup

In an exhilarating match at Starlight Stadium last Saturday, our Residency team emerged triumphant in the Round of 32 of the Sir John Jackson Cup, securing a 2-0 victory over Gorge FC U-23 (D2).

The game kicked off with a bang as Jameson Kiezik netted an early goal at the 5th minute, setting the stage for the Residency team's win. The first half showcased their determination, successfully thwarting Gorge FC's attempts to equalize.

As the tension mounted throughout the match, Alex Medeiros delivered a decisive blow with a brilliant goal at the 83rd minute, sealing the victory and propelling the Residency team to the next round of the tournament.

Coach Thomas Niendorf expressed his satisfaction with the team's performance, stating, "This win is a testament to the relentless effort and commitment our players displayed on the field. It's a positive step forward in our Sir John Jackson Cup journey." Niendorf continued, "Tournaments such as the Jackson Cup are a great way to challenge our residency players and our players rose to the occasion. We're building momentum, and the focus is now on preparing for the challenges that lie ahead."

Looking ahead, the Residency team is gearing up for the Round of 16, where they will face Campbell River Golden Wings (D2). The players are poised for another intense battle, ready to showcase the same determination and skill that secured their victory at Starlight Stadium.